The Delta Bravo 9 Directive is a UGI Directive that is pertaining to the Manti threat(s).


The first paragraph of the Directive is to ensure that everyone who is in Command knows what is going on. Upon the discovery of any Manti egg(s) in either cryostatic or in hibernation UGI Directive Delta Bravo 9 is to take effect. All UGI vessels will commence to bombard and eradicate the Manti threat in any system detected. Depending on the length of time the manti eggs have been hibernation will determine how much force to be used. 

The Second Paragraph is where Starfleet Command when they learned of this Directive and read it they began to rethink thier alliance with the UGI.

No amount of destruction is to be left unchecked. If Manti eggs are discovered they are to be eliminated as well as any planet within the vicinity of the eggs. If eggs are found in space then the UGI Vessels will unleash their Hydra-class Fusion Bombs around the solar system to ensure they cannot leave the system. This is to prevent the manti from leaving the system with enough radiation. Any planet with inhabited worlds will be sacrificed for the greater good of the galaxy. 

The third paragraph is to talk about any live Manti that the eggs have hatched.

Warfare with the Manti is extremely dangerous but if there is any hatched eggs the UGI must stop Eradication Process as stated in Paragraph 2. The UGI must sacrifice any amount of its men to ensure the Manti threat is eliminated if their are live Manti. No amount of UGI vessels can be too little. The fate of the people and the survivability of the galaxy is at stake. If there are Manti Dreadnoughts ZR-57 Region Buster Antimatter bombs will be detonated, in the solar system all lives in the region will be sacrificed as well as all UGI assets.

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