The Delta is among the most unique of the Plasmoids. He is the Personfication of the Omniverse. He is also one of the most Human of the Plasmoids. By human i mean by personality. 

The Delta adopted the Human Culture as his patron personality and way of life. 

The Delta is the eldest of the Elder Plasmoid and is probably the most mature of them. The Delta is an extremely laid back Plasmoid and is one of the biggest fourth wall and fifth wall breakers in Omniverse history. He will often talk directly to those reading or writing at the moment. 

He is almost always found sitting on some kind of couch and ussually complaining about it. 

The Delta is the only Plasmoid to have welcomed Erex Malren and Rathal to his own personal dimension. 

His dimension exists on a penthouse suite sometime during the 21st century of earth. It is like a massive living room and kitchen. The Delta is a notorius couch Potatoe and gamer. 

He acts almost as the representive between non-fiction universe and the fictional Omniverse. 

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