Del'tras Onasi
Biographical information



New Taiidan




1703 lbs

Cybernetic Implant(s)
  • Taiidan Cybernetics
  • UGI Implants
  • Assorted
Armor set
  • Vendetta MK II
Notable Facts
  • Is the best friend assigned to Yoshirou.
  • He has been on assignment by orders of Erex Malren.
Military Information

Cipher 20

Military ID


Security Clearance


Awards and Honors


Del'tras is the name assigned to Cipher 20 who is on assignment to watch over Yoshirou Calderia to ensure that he isn't discovered. Though he wasn't initially told to prevent anyone they developped a friendship even though Cipher 20 kept so many secrets beinga a Cipher he was required to.


When he doesn't go into his "Cipher Mode" he is very fun loving and easy to be around but once he is in the mode he is the deadliest person in the room with his advaned martial art skills. He once put Yoshirou on the ground in a hold position before Yoshirou could blink or react. Which is why Cipher 20 is referred to the fastest Cipher ever created. His speed is exceptional and is able to run at speeds of a 100 meter dash in 7 seconds.


Bioengineered to be faster, stronger, and endure much longer than most, they created Cipher 20 who was literally able to run at speeds exceeding 30 miles at a jog and push the boundries to 50 miles for an outlasting run. However this being said he was considered the fastest Cipher and Taiidan ever born or created. He was well known to be able to put his enemies on the ground before they could react to his speed. He also seemed to have precognitive abilities and was able to dodge fire because of it. This was due to an implant the UGI created that once a gun was fired he could react to the gun the moment he heard it. (Much like spider sense)

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