Degart Kraith
Biographical information

Unknown to the UGI (Razurath)


Universe: 11-444-96


6' 2" (variable)



  • Unknown rifle sent a Black codex flying back 50ft leaving him in two halfs right through his armour.
Armor set


Notable Facts
  • classfied.
Military Information
"Whats with this guy we've hit him with everything we got and he still won't go down!"

"He Just shrugs it off!"

"All units we have a Intruder, lethal attacks are not working, use whatever means to prevent his escape.!"

Degart Kraith was a reported and classified incident where all UGI and Taiidan personal including a Codex legion and Cypher 2 were unable to prevent the escape of an Intruder by the name of Dagart Kraith, who attempted to hack servers searching for information under Jordan Archer Kane.

History Edit

Information is vague but Dagart was seen in an escape pod escaping from a ZR-57 test zone, where his escape pod was blasted away from the singularity. The pod was captured and he was attempted to be captured only to single handedly defeat all security at the station before escaping in a UGI star fighter, and going to warp. Escaping because of sabotaging the tracking systems on the station.

Description Edit

Described to be a salamander like creature with well toned physique. Walking in upright position on two legs, was seen to be wearing what looked like he had been apart of an experiment. But from what was observed he was trained for some serious battles and sabotage. As he was able to slip past all defenses and it was as if he knew the passwords.

Wanted Edit

He is the most wanted person in the UGI and the Taiidan's Influence, A reward for him dead is over 22 trillion credits. And if captured alive, 200 trillion credits.

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Dagart's real history though is more explained as it turns out he is a Razurath from another reality where the Taiidan's UGI, and the Federation were Enslaved by the Atrox. He is looking for the Coragadun of this reality if any are left, and is searching for Jordan Archer Kane, Knowing full well who he is, and we can't wait to here the interrogation

with Jordan present.

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