Deana Syn

Deana Syn in Her Commando Uniform

Deana Syn is the wife of the Lorem Ipsum she is also secretly a UGI operative. Whom the Lorem Ipsum is fully aware of. Deana Syn is very close to her husband yet she keeps the UGI aware of most of the Lorem's descions and proceedings. She is reports along with her husband varifying everything he claims to be doing his truthful. She has two kids each of them 18 years old and in high up postitions in the Imperium Security Defense army. Her father is Taiidan but her mother is Human.


Deana Syn was concieved on earth but her family moved to the UGI when it first appeared in the Galaxy. When her parent arrived on Carpathia she was born in the most advance hospital of the time. But she was born deformed. Thankfully, UGI scientists were able to reconstruct her DNA making her eventually and her offspring more physically healthy than humanly possible. The parents soon asked for any kind of gene that would allow her to adapt to UGI worlds enviorments better. They allowed her to begiven the experimental DNA Splice know has Quantum. Which allowed her to quickly adapt her internal and structure to be able to accomodate for virtually any enviorment almost instantly. But because she had used this gene she would have to be in the UGI secet service till she died.

During the Corporate War she served on many missions esspecially on Jekvins Capital Ship the Delitor. She served as intelligence for the UGI and only learned of the Townes nearly a year before the UGI entered the War where then she was reassigned to watching over the Real Letric Tech his facilities main holding center guard.

It would be here where she became infactuated with him. Near the end of the war she would periodically take him out of stasis for interogation but mostly to get to know him rather than believe that he was the one who had started this war. 

After the WarEdit

After the War Deana Syn kept up her relationship with the down severely depressed Letric Tech. She also became the wife of Letric tech who went on to be The Lorem Ipsum of the Immoruti Imperium. She would have two kids by him. 

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