Cydonia city
City information
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UGI Engineering Corps





Intresting facts
  • This city is the epitomy of the UGI design.




Cydonia is one of the cities built after the Sorghelli war. It was beautiful when it was complete and it had a Galactic Council chambers on the planet. The building depicted is the UGI Capital building there. Note: Under construction


Its beauty is what many thought was its best aspect but it wasn't even that. The city was heavily fortified and on a moments notice it could deploy an arsenal of UGI defenses and can unleash the GAUR's. But with beauty does come a price.


Being built after the Sorghelli War on Carpathia this city was the epitomy of UGI uniformity, and yet beauty. The Galactic Council chambers were built after the main construction of the city after the demands of the Earth delegate. It also was the only location in the city where the general populace wasn't allowed. The Earth delegate was infuriated that the UGI didn't build it in the first place and now the facility was smaller than they wanted. However the Imperium delegate agreed with the UGI on the fact that no where does it say in the treaty for each capital to have a Galactic Council facility. Angered the Earth delegate was storming out when Sergei-82 stopped her and put her in her place with the fact that Earth nor the government had any Galactic council facilities and that before you cry foul you must have the same facilities.

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