Members of Cult of Eirn

The evil and disgusting cult of Eirn is actually an old cult that resurface on Taiidan. They they were known for sewing their lips shut in a star pattern. They were called the perfect cult because their members were entirely subservient. However they are members of the former priesthood of the Taiidan religion.  They joined this cult and never looked back. As a penance they sew their mouths closed and bow to an altar that had nothing on it as a sign they bow to nothing.


Many of the priest of old would join this as they were tired of serving Nigrash, who didn't listen to them at times and after he found out that that cult of Eirn was using their members former status to grow its powerbase.


They returned after the Sorghelli War, however they never really left. As many people stopped worshipping Nighrash the cult grew and but when Shao'khan returned they didn't ally themselves with them instead they fought him as Eirn wouldn't allow another cult to try to take their members. This is where the hostilities grew exponentially.


  • They bowed to an altar that had nothing for symbolism to they bow to nothing. This was their greatest act of rebellion of Taiidan Religion.
  • They are comprised of former Taiidan Priest and Taiidan Warriors.
  • Nigrash never wanted to be worshipped but he didn't resist it when they worshipped him.
  • When Shao'khan returned he was hoping they would join him as Ian Matter gave him a briefing on them, this wasn't the case instead they fought back.
  • As a sign that they are a member they sew their mouths shut. A subservient cult that has no leadership and no active god instead they mutilate themselves. This maybe due to years of depravity causing a break in the Taiidan mind.

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