Crystillian Syndrome is the UGI's first Bio-Weapon yet it isn't lethal but its extremely painful which is understood to be against many laws. However it isn't something that AULTECH could synthesize a cure for as it infected its troops and its corporate staff as well as the entire planet of Crystillia.

Signs and SymptomsEdit

Once infected with Crystillian Syndrome the person infected is begins to progressively become worse in symptoms started from a minor headache then in week two it becomes a deliberating Migraine then when it is completed the final stage is vomitting uncontrollably. The virus is immune to the medicines as it fights back and AULTECH medical and IFP Medical Corps realized that treating the patient will only worsen the effects.


The virus came into existence only 8 hours after AULTECH declared war on the UGI. Cipher Agents 2 and 9 attacked Crystillia with this strain of Taiidan Thanator blood that humans and non Taiidans are allergic due to the radioactive nature of the planet where it is from. UGI Personnel have been immunized from the effects but there isn't a cure in the IFP/AULTECH for it, due to Division 11 mutating the gene and turning it into a virus that adapts to its enviroment and with crystallia's clean enviroment it could easily begin its mutation with no predator bacteria to deal with.

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