Crimson Squad

Crimson squad has its name for a reason. Their squad leader is known for his favorite quote: Feel no compassion, have no mercy, feel only the power of your rifle.

Operational historyEdit

Known for their tight knit group and there bloody battles. They get called in when the the mission wasn't possible. They and Amber squad worked with each other. They usually held the LZ for Amber. Even when outnumbered 30 to 1 they fought as if they were the majority. Amber squad leader said about crimson:

"These SOB's can toss a grenade kill 10 people then grenade explodes. They have crimson armor for a reason..... it wasn't crimson when they started. They were called black team."
―Amber leader

Theteam known as Crimson Squad would one day lead the assualt on the Sorghelli and many others. This team went underground and fought SARIS when Division 11 Agents turned the Black Codex against the UGI.

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