This is the organization that the UGI Ciphers report to there are only 17 of them and all of them are extremely dangerous. However Cipher Division was created on an unknown date and just appeared out of no where. However no one has even heard of the UGI Ciphers, but have seen them. They are designated as Special Forces when in public and no one in the UGI bats an eye at them nor do they question the people of this Division as disappearances are common with curious individuals especially non-UGI personnel.


Trained to be the ultimate warriors, indomitable and unconquerable. They train not only physically, mentally, and have safeguards to prevent pyschic control even Betazoids and other species with Telepathy cannot read the minds of the Ciphers. Their long awaited "sleep" as it is called when a telepathic species tries to read a mind of a CIpher. They trained thier minds to peak efficiency allowing the telepaths only to see what they want them to see. 

Physically speaking they are at the peak of Taiidan physiology without having enhanced augmentation. 

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