ChronoTech is a minor corporation during the Corporate War. Both The UGI and the Revan Coaltion refused a contract with ChronoTech during the Corporate war. ChronoTech was founded in 2270 on the planet of the Guardian of Forever. Almost 220 years this company proposed a teleportation capable of timetravel allowing a being to eliminate people from the timeline with a mere touch or handshake. 

Declared the technology was impossible by both UGI and IFP scientists ChronoTech did not get to particapate in the corporate war due to lacking an army to protect itself. None the less this technolgy did have flaw that later became apparant when the company literally remove itself from the timeline its creator who was responsible was made immortal through the chrono paradox. He could not be killed or injured so long as time wasn't realtered to give him an origin. 

Orgin of the Technology Edit

the origin of the technology come from studying the guardian and trying to figure out why it became its own origin. It wasn't unitl the Scientist Alexander Chronos who discovered the secret to the guardian's ability to operate has a doorway through time. Although the technology required for a gateway was not possible yet he incorperate the chronos device into a teleporter allowing him to travel between time and space. What he did not realize though was that the process also took him through a dmiension infamous for creating paradox's. 


During the first three tests several attempts were made to kill Letric Tech each of the three attempts failed. The third attempt however, killed the would be CEO of ChronoTech. This changed the timeline as well as his own as his father had been the CEO of the ChronoTech. Without an origin a paradox enfolded rendering Alexander Chronos immortal. But the price was too high he not only lost his identy but also over the next century he watched his wife grow old and die and his kids and his grandkids grow old and die. While he remained as youthful as the day he changed his own history. 

Eventually, he would attempt to use the technology against The Revan Coalition however a strike force of Taiidan Soldiers saboutaged the project forcing the machine to erase the only being left in the room and that was Alexander Chronos. From that point on the war continued and eventually his work remained lost to history.

However, blue prints that he had designed were found by the Galactic Star Federation and kept has a secret weapon that could be used against extra galactic foes that could occur that may be to powerful to fight off by normal means.  This form of technology is refered to has highly illegal punishable by eternal torture and near death expereinces for the user of it. 

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