"If Trillion built what we did, well he would have been offed with already."
―Haload Golid during a Press Conference
Cerberus Armories
Cerberus Armories
Company information

Advanced Armories


Haload Golid

Annual/Operating budget

UGI Funded


ME-3 Incisor



Cerberus Armories is the name of a skunkwork armory of the UGI, that went into the public view and were a primary reason the Black Codex II was able to work. They helped build weaponry for the project and weaponized Taiidan Nanites in the soldiers.


Building a company that built weapons that could make the Black Codex II Project the most feared UGI Weapons project of all time on the basis that a soldier was only as good as his weapon. And these weapons were the best. Taiidan Engineered, built and designed to kill. A company as powerful as this wasn't even known till Trillion made his state that his was the best weapons made. To prove the Cerebus Conglomerates points they tried assassinating but not to kill him to make a statement shot through the Galactic Council chamber walls and fired from their building 8 miles away.


They unlike Trillion had their own military defense. When building Skunkworks and the military needing to be at locations at times they decided with the UGI's permission to create their own military but these were from former UGI military personnel only no freelancers were allowed. The soldiers were not gonna harm civilians at all.


With weapons that can invoke terror and were highly advanced for even UGI. These weapons were at least 200 years more advanced than current UGI products with the Black Codex II Project they would make the Codex the most deadly armed warriors. It would turn out later that they would need that.

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