Cellblock 32-A is the famed and widely unknown cellblock in the UGI Prison system. Only the most dangerous criminals were sent there. It was also a psychitriac ward. Prisoners were sent there not for petty crimes but for Murder, Geonocide, Mass Murder. But they were not UGI citizens and the UGI had no rights to execute them instead imprisoned them. 90% of all the criminals there were serial killers and war criminals with over 400 deaths to their name. The War Criminals there were sent for expirmentation on POW's and geonocide. After the battle of Crystilia the UGI Intelligence gave the inmates an option. They will have thier freedom but must make Crystillia burn, all members were given pardons and were instructed to not kill civilians instead destroy key structures they were equipped with weapons and explosives and kept the city burning. There were over 70,000 inmates in this Cellblock, it took IFP Legion Corps Months to find these prisoners and kill them but only after even more destruction commenced.

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