Carpathian Shipyards
Company information
  • Shipyards
  • Military Contractor

Allen Po


Sarli Vari

Vice President(s)

Mallic Beren

Annual/Operating budget

800 Trillion per month




Carpathian Shipyards Installation

Notable facts
  • Their CEO doesn't take in a huge salary particularly he only makes 15% more than their employees.
  • Will not build vessels for personal usage. They will only construct vessels of war.
  • Will not repair vessels that are not affiliated with the UGI even allied vessels.

The Carpathian Shipyards are in orbit of the Planet Carpathia. This shipyard corporation utilizes the most advanced technology to build and maintain an Naval force for the UGI. However due to their technological level SECFORCE has deemed all of its personnel and space around it protected.


Based in orbit of Carpathia. Need to add.


Carpathian Shipyards is the result of the UGI needing a naval force that can be built in a matter of hours instead of weeks and years. Carpathian Shipyards had just what they needed. They expiremented and successfully built a Heavy Cruiser in only 2 hours where as the normal would have been build it in 45 weeks. They began to "replicate" these vessels utilizing immense amounts of energy that they had to be powered by their own Antimatter Powerplant installation Carpathia 0038. This corporation has sworn its loyalty to the UGI so much that they didn't mind the fact that they were being highly protected and that they were being watched. However they did have their share of scandals.

Bug of 2890Edit

Carpathian Shipyards constructed a Cruiser by the name of the Jaxo. What they were not aware that a member of AUREC Terror Networks managed to place a bug on it that not only listened to the ship's personnel but gave off its coordinates every time it jumped out of Warp or when it entered orbit of a planet. When this was found out after the Jaxo was attacked and left adrift SECFORCE found the bug attached to the Warp Drive inside where it was out of the way and wasn't noticable. Carpathian Shipyards took full responsibility for the attack but was cleared due to AUREC was filled with many high profile former Intelligence Operatives.


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