Revan Jekvin
Scienc Fiction soldier
Biographical information

Tech Clone






230 lbs

Cybernetic Implant(s)

right arm prosthetic/enhancment

  • Grey Kalminite Staff
  • Later: custom Taiidan Rifle
Armor set

Magnetic Repulse Armour



Notable Facts

is an Exact Clone duplicate of Letric Tech

Military Information

Captain of Commando Operations

Military ID


Security Clearance

Level 99

Awards and Honors
  • (deceased)UGI National Hero
  • (alive) IFP Purple Heart Award
  • (alive) IFP Medal of Valor
Considered to be the war hero of the Starfleet Revolt and Leader of the Coalition against AulTech during the Corporate war, Captain Revan Jekvin became known as the most revered and respected man in the galaxy until his death two battles before the end of the Corporate War. It was discovered afterward that the head of Aurec was responsible for his death, not AulTech. 

Captain Jekvin forced to fight on top of the Scorn.

UGI RelationsEdit

Although mostly unknown to them Revan Jekvin is considered among UGI to be a force to be reckoned with. For one reason due to his attacks on AULTech the UGI has been giving Revan Jekvin Taiidan weaponry with several modifications such as not able to shoot Taiidans with. Though thier relationship at first was extremely shakey as he attacked a Taiidan all for a misunderstanding, while he thought the Taiidan punched him hard he was really being tapped on the back. A fist fight ensued but the Taiidan named Alor Bo'jua held his strength knowing he would kill the captain if he attacked him full force. It was later confirmed that Alor Bo'jua is a Black Codex soldier.

IFP RelationsEdit

The IFP has often neglected to show their appreciation for Revan Jekvin mainly because they have begun to see him as just a rogue soldier trying to put a stop to a harmless industry. However many civilian populations across the galaxy that had begun to notice AULTech Industries going against their codes of honor have learned to suspect that somebody may be impersonating the extremely long lived Letric Tech. The first Coalition against Aultech formed in 2512 when the release of the AulTech NightShifters went online. From there the Coalition gradually grew to a galactic level. 

Captain Revan Jekvin has over 100 ships in his fleet and these ships are not of AulTech make. Rather they are a mix of the old style and several other civilizations.

Uranian RelationsEdit

Among the Uranians he is considered a Demigod. After his death he was made a go within their pantheon. By the mid of the Corporate War nearly 20,000 Uranian ships made up the Jekvin Coalition.

Revan Jekvin (1)

Captain Jekvin minus helmet.

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