Calo-class Corvette
UGI corvette
Product information

Carpathian Shipyards

Technical information

163 meters

Engine Unit(s)

4 Stellar Drives

Warp Drive


Shield Generator



6 ft Neutronium Carbide Ablative Armor

Sensor Range

70,000 km

  • (1) Heavy Laser Cannons
  • (5) Laser Point Defense Systems
  • (1) Missile Silo
  • (10) Hydra Missiles
Crew requirements


Skeleton Crew





19 months

  • System Patrol
  • System Protection
  • Customs Duty
  • Boarding Actions
  • Light Escort
  • Interception
One of the most used and seen vessels in the UGI. This ship was made famous by SECFORCE when they aquired nearly 2/3rds of the entire UGI Navy's Corvettes and destroyers.


Designed to fill the role of system protection from light convoys and attack vessels while the UGI Navy was away. The Calo-class Corvette was created to fill the role, this vessel can be seen everywhere with its signature Greenish paint with orange markings on it from what it appears it is designed that way to be seen and to draw attention to it. 


One of the most beautiful things about this ship was that when it was taken into service this vessel surpassed every expectation, and with a military power like the UGI. This vessel was taken fromt he UGI Navy and made even more famous by SECFORCE with their Grey tint and blue markings. This vessel has been in many conflicts with pirates and has survived. It has enough firepower on it to survive some of Starfleets vessels. Even without Shielding this vessel is still able to give a Galaxy-class a run for its money due to its heavy laser cannons that are more powerful than Starfleets Phaser banks.

Calo-class Corvettes were used in mostly system patrols, and system security, it was rare to see them in open space as a combat vessel but if it was to happen. Due to the fact there is no shields the UGI ensures they are staffed with very small amounts, to limit loss of death. During the Corporate war only a few were destroyed, but during the Sorghelli War they fought a major bought in which it was a losing battle no matter how they saw it, yet the UGI corvettes held their ground and went down fighting knowing they had no chance, but to provide the world even a few more minutes of time, the crew on the ships saw it as a win win situation.

SECFORCE staffs nearly all the corvettes and use them as policing vessels to ensure they can capture criminals and carrying 40 SECFORCE Police Officers they ensured system and UGI airspace protection. During the aftermath of the UGI's loss of shipyards, they struggled to come back. The UGI built enough of these to do system patrol, but the galaxy knew the UGI paid a heavy price to ensure lives were saved. It was a sad day to learn that only 18 vessels of the entire UGI Navy survived the Sorghelli War, the UGI kept this top secret, and when the UGI started to stockpile their vessels, they would later keep them in phased areas of space, ensuring their stockpile was hidden from any threat that would bring harm to the UGI.

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