The Cobalt Kalminite Device entering a planet's Atomsphere

The Cobalt Kalminite Device is among the most sinster weapons that were used during the Corporate War. It was created over a 3 years since the destruction of Arma Inc. The CK Torpedo has it was known infamously as was used only once and all production of the torpedo's afterward were halted as they were declared to horrible of a weapon to even use in warfare. 


After Arma Tech's obliteration by the Corporate Axis and AulTech making off with technology that was part of their heritage a splinter faction of Uranians hoping to win glory from destroying one of the corporations. The result was unforgetable and both UGi and Jekvin led a military trial against those who created used.

What it Did.Edit

The Cobalt Kalminite Device was deployed without cause nor by any order. Upon detonating all over the galaxy ships began to report increasing levels of radiation while traveling at warp speed. The faster the warp the higher the radiation levels rose. Eventually, discovering exactly what kind of weapon was used Captain Revan Jekvin ordered an investigation as well as a research program to come up with some kind of shield to use against this radiation. 

The AftermathEdit

Some time after the Corporate War Uranian and Taiidan scientists successfully created a shield capable of blocking this specific radiation during Warp travel. The New Galactic Governement, issued a Directive know as The Epsilon Directive which allowed all directives including the Omega Directive to be put on hold till the destruction of the Subspace weapon. 

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