"We got C-11's take cover! This is Bravo Squad me and my unit are pinned down C-11's have arrived, damnit Command we cannot progress we need to fall back, what the hell, there are more? We are being flanked get us out of he...."
―Captain Rali's last transmission along with the 45th IFP Legion Corps Platoon.
C-11 Combat Android
Battle droid C-11
Product information

Cybertech Industries

  • Combat Android
  • War Droid
Technical information



9600 LBS

  • 40 mph(Burst)
  • Guard
  • Sentry
  • Combat Support
  • Forward Assault
  • Invasion

The UGI's answer to an entirely loyal Combat Android that will not only get the job done but cannot disobey an order. They are built by the UGI's Cybertech corporation Cybertech Industries.


Standing at 8 feet tall and weighing in at a hefty 9000 pounds plus this Android will put a world of hurt on the enemy. They have a unique design that hasn't been seen by AULTECH nor the galaxy and Cybertech Industries wants to keep it that way. These Androids carrying an LT Cannon they will put a serious amount of pain on the enemy, able to keep entire platoons at bay with a single one of these they are actually assigned to Commando Squadrons in the field otherwise they are on guard duty. Their unique vocabulator is also another dead give away.


Designed by Cybertech to give the UGI's army a guard that will not be swayed with any amount of credits and is entirely mission oriented, Cybertech gives the UGI the C-11. The C-10's were much smaller and much easier killed this Android isn't easily killed with its duraplate armor and its heavy Assault Cannon.

They were being posted around UGI structures everywhere and were seen in the field during the final years of the Novan War and were heavily involved in the Corporate War, these Androids were deemed the best the UGI had to offer with a troop support droid, they were fast, and highly intelligent with minimal artificial intelligence they could learn to counter their attackers moves just by watching in a few minutes. Powered by thier own micro fusion reactor, that was considered indestructable this was only slightly true, it wouldn't when it melted down cause immense explosions it would actually just burn off leaving the droid destroyed but the reactor still together.

Corporate WarEdit

During the Corporate War this droid became feared by the IFP Legion Corps as it would hold off entire platoons by itself and yet it wouldn't retreat even badly damaged. The IFP Legion Corps knew that with a single one of these on the ground they were going to be in a world of pain and suffering, a single hit from one of these was enough to paralyze a human being. However it was prone to show mercy if the soldier was incapcitated it would go through an alogrithim to determine if he should request aid or kill the soldier. After the Corporate War these were found on the IFP capital world on the UGI Embassy and was engaged in a single battle when rioters attacked the UGI embassy 1200 civilians died in the conflict but it was enough to stop all future riots.

The IFP requested some of these but were rejected due to the amount of technology was involved and damaged C-11's took a skilled mechanic was the excuse but the real reason was there was Divison 11 technology involved.

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