C-10 Sentry Android
C-10 Sentry Android
Product information

Cybertech Industries


Sentry Android

Technical information



1550 lbs


25 mph

  • Heavy Plasma Rifles(Assorted)
  • Sentry
  • Guard
  • Light Support

The smaller more agile version of the C-11 Combat Android. Built for one purpose to guard targets such as command post. The problem with that though is that it took many of these droids to do so. However they were an older model and were entirely obidient and has helped capture one of the AULTECH Shadow Enforcer's.


Its head is smaller lighter, but gives off a more uneasy look, as it was designed to imtimidate the enemy, and it has with its smaller yet less heavy structure. It does give off sound that is heard by the ears that can penetrate the eardrums and cause severe damage by shattering it, causing immense pain. This is how they subdue their enemy. They are actually more agile and appear to have several forms of martial arts programmed into their the datacore and a single hit by one of these hurts. 

Its heavy plasma rifle is a cybertech design that is intended to burn the armor, but it can stun the enemy. They are used as well in riot duty, and have attributed to assaults on WILSAF. Powered by microfusion generators they can be powered for years, and not move one inch.


Designed about 20 years before the C-11, this droid however made a lasting impression on the galaxy, its unnerving sound it produces, the martial arts it appears to know, as well as their obidience. They were designed to protect the UGI Capital building and every entry point of major UGI structures, used in combat as a complement they were hard to take down. According to rumor they were designed to fight the Helghast Shock Trooper, but this hasn't been confirmed as they have several kills attributed to them.

Corporate WarEdit

These droids were sent to the Jekvin Coalition to protect the structures affiliated with the coalition and some were used in combat. Revan Jekvin had a personal one VD-39, and protected Revan during the last battle till it was destroyed. All of the C-10's were destroyed during the Corporate War as they were all deployed.

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