Boroplasm is a highly unique material created by Rathuras Rathal. Boroplasm was designed by Rathuras Rathal as a specific neutralizer of the AulTech Nightshifters. The unique material is capable of immoblizing grey kalminite and can over prolonged periode of time Boroplasm can actually break down Grey Kalminite. 


Boroplasm is a compund alloy between Cadium, Boron, and a unique chemical Rathal keeps secret. Boroplasm can be sprayed out of a common hose. The stuff is runny like quicksilver but can quickly behave like silly putty, 


During a test Rathal and Erex both fired almost every kind of weapon at at a wall of this stuff but the The Borplasm stopped all kinetic attack abosrbing the the matter and making more of itself. Rathal even loaded a Grey kalminite round while Erex used several different energy weapons against only increasing its size. The kalminite round visibly stopped when it merely touched the boroplasm and then the grey kalminite began to dissolve into the Boroplasm. To remove the substance rathal douced the stuff with alchol causing the stuff to dissolve into a white powder. 

Boroplasm is the only weapon capable of netrolizing an AulTech Nightshifter and even better at detecting an AulTech Enforcer because the stuff literally disables their cloaking devices by an unusual harmless radiation it emmits. 

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