Borg of Atrox
Atroxic Borg Emblem
Political information
Type of Government

Indirect Hive Mind




Borg of Prime

Defacto Leader

DarkMatrix 01

Societal information
Capital world

Atrox Prime

Official Language(s)


Enemies of State
Official Pacts
Historical Information
Formed from


Date of Dissolution


The Borg of Atrox were a over several hundred Borg who were liberate from the collective and taken beyond the galaxy into Atrox space to be altered not for Assimilation but for Extermination. They later would be recorded as a Tier Omnicron Society by the UGF. 
Borg by Mcnh

The Atroxic Borg are tough enough to shrug off even M2 Jekvin Rifles.

Technology Edit

Although greatly enhanced by the Atrox the Atroxic Borg are only equals with the UGI on levels of technology and tactics. It would seem that the Atrox prefer only giving them a very small advantage in the war and in te extermination of the inferior Borg Collective. 

UGI <Erex malren>Edit

Write the second section of your page here. (note: the last ships were destroyed by the Jekvin Coalition a 2 years before the end of the Corporate War.)

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