Borg Drone
The Borg Drone is different in this reality as they were known to be more "Technological" however these Borg Drones in this alternate reality are more devastating than before they have a armored torso region where every major component in the Borg is located. They also have built in arm Phaser Rifles. Their assimiliation process is more painful than it was before this alternate reality however it is believed to be for the better as they do have problems but they can still adapt at a very fast rate, it was before around 3 shots before changing the frequency but now they can adapt at 2 shots which is why the IFP created Autogenerating Phaser Rifles that change their frequency every single shot to prevent them from adapting. 

Borg Collective
Ground Borg Drone · Heavy Tactical Drone · Borg Queen
Ships Borg Probe · Borg Sphere · Borg Cube · Borg Tactical Cube · Unimatrix Command Ship · Borg Diamond · Borg Tetrahedral
Borg Locations Borg Unicomplex · Borg Transwarp Hub

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