• A New character must be made. It has to be a UGI Elite Unit soldier.
  • No God Moding, or OP.
  • Every character can die, but only at the creators discreation.
  • Keep it going, don't double post.


The UGI Special Forces Division has discovered an unknown trace signal, it has lead to an organization known as the Spectre. This organization is believed to be a galactic force for terror and unilateral destruction of society. As the UGI sends Black Ops Unit 30231 also known as Alpha Team, to find this Spectre Forces, and destroy them, by any means nessecary.

New Character Sheet

  • Age:
  • Name:
  • Callsign:
  • Personality:
  • Brief History:



Name:Aloni Sondaski
Call Sign: Reaper 1
Personality: Cold, Calculated, and a bit sadistic, but stays true to the mission no matter what.
Brief History: Born and raised on New Carpathia, he joined the UGI SpecForces when he was selected from Carpathian Military Prep School, upon joining a man approached him and offered him a place on Alpha Team not knowing this is a Black Ops unit he joined. Within two years he was the only standing member of Alpha Team, as they all were promoted to various squads. He then began to recruit more members into Alpha Team as you could only join if you were invited.

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