"McAnvil!?! *Explicit* you get the *explicit* out of here, if you know whats good for you will go out to him and accept your punishment!"

Barry McAnvil is a human who was genetically engineered from the remains of early 20th century assassin, mercenary, and Sniper whose legendary body count and his inability to be captured marks him as the most dangerous person in the galaxy, a figure whom the police and even the military don't have the guts to get involved with him.

Kill List Edit

Barry McAnvil is a hyper dangerous clone of his original during the early 20th century. His kills making him the most feared person in the galaxy.

He leaves his mark in all of his victims a clean shot through their left eye.

  • Cipher's Bane (tally 200, with replacements)
  • Original Black codex (exterminated)
  • Marine Corps Massacre (2000 dead, in 360 seconds)
  • AirSlayer (taken down 13,000 aircraft)
  • Tank Buster (28000)
  • ECT.

Behind the Scene Edit

I was inspired to create Barry McAnvil after the invention of a side character for one of my short stories, but after watching the James Bond, Mission Impossible, Die Hard, and John Wick, I concluded that this wiki finally needed its boogeyman equivalent. The Kill list is incomplete but Barry McAnvil can't die and he can't be captured, he is essentially something that will actually terrify Taiidans and is often spoken of to young Taiidans and other races as the person who comes to kill you in the night. Essentially he is the only human that the Taiidan race and Nigrash truly fears.

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