Ballista MBT
Ballista class Main Battle Tank
Product information



Main Battle Tank




Ballista MBT

Technical information
  • Gun Forward: 32.59 feet(9.73 meters)
  • Hull Length: 26.83 feet(7.4 meters)

12 ft(3.85 meters)


8.4 feet(2.4 meters)


100 tons

Max Acceleration
  • Declassified: 45 mph
  • Classified: 170 mph
  • Duranium Plating
Crew requirements
  • 3-4(Commander, Gunner, Pilot)
Skeleton Crew
  • 2 (Commander, Pilot)
  • 12 sitting on the top
First usage
  • Main Battle Tank
  • Combat Tank
  • Mobile Bunker

The Ballista MBT is the premiere combat tank of the UGI and her armed forces. This tank is not only super heavy, packs heavy armor, but will leave its targets in the dust. 


Ballista class Main Battle Tank1
With a Grey or a Tan color scheme depicted to the right. This vehicle is not a easy target to take down. Especially since its main armroing is considered to be extremely heavy Neutronium as well as its main high impact plasma cannon turrets. It can move at speeds of 40 miles per hour but in a quick burst of time it can move to speeds of 170 miles per hour but will not turn very easily. There were versions to create a hover tank version of this vehicle but they have since been scrapped as it isn't hard to remove the tracks due to nanites that repair broken tracks. What this vehicle has that no other vehicle does is a banisher HMG mounted to it making it not only able to kill vehicles, it can also attack infantry and air vehicles to take down its targets. 


Designed during the Novan War this tank was considered to be not only the heaviest, but the most devastating vehicle in the UGI Ground Forces. This tank served as an example to not have hover vehicles but to use tracked vehicles.


  • It is heavily armed in such a way that it isn't easy to destroy. It can survive most orbital strikes.
  • The UGI has enough MBTs to leave a Brigade of then on each major world.
  • The only vehicle in the UGI military that can @ct as artillery, anti air, anti tank, and anti personnel.

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