BO-3A Guardian Bomber
Product information

Carpathian Shipyards


BO-3 "Guardian"



Technical information

18 meters


45 meters


3.2 meters

  • 80,000 LBS(Fully Loaded)
  • 15,000 LBS(Empty)
Stellar speed

1500 m/s

Atmospheric speed

280 m/s

Engine Unit(s)

Inter Drives

Warp Drive



3 inch Duranium

Sensor Range
  • 4000 meters
Targeting systems
  • 18 kilometers






  • 2 Heavy Laser Cannons
  • 180 Micro Missiles
  • 4 HARR Missiles
  • 8 Plasma Bombs
Crew requirements

2(Pilot, Gunner)


4 weeks air

First usage

2509(IFP Era)

  • Bomber
This bomber is the main bomber of the UGI and the UGI Navy. It is not only heavy in weight but its loadout is impressive. Only weighing in at 15,000 pounds when its fully loaded it can weighs in at a hefty 80,000 pounds.


With a bomber of this caliber it is extremely dangerous to fight as it takes more of a beating and dishes out some of the nastiest bombs. A single squadron of five bombers has the combined firepower to level medium sized cities. Their sleek design isn't to be underestimated as it is vessel of war. Bomber's though have some of the most skilled pilots in the UGI due to the hard yaw and incredible strength the pilot requires.


Building a bomber capable of leveling cities and yet defend itself is quite the challenge. However years of creating such a vehicle resulted in the Guardian. Armed with enough armament as well as the capacity for more is its best feauture. It uses only an eighth of its missile and bomb capacity. Though this bomber became respected in the galaxy during the corporate war and still impressed the galaxy with its fortitude during the Sorghelli War.

It wasnpart of several operations and during the Galactic Council time they did wonder if it was posdible to aquire a few and was denied. The Imperium tried to purchase a few but was also denied due one key fact that the UGI didn't tell them. The bombers cannot start without a recognized UGI subdermal tattoo without this tattoo you cannot even open it up to do maintenance and the UGI liked it that way. When the UGI opened it up for showing the Council its engine even Michael Trillion was shocked at the size of the engine. The entire engine unit was the size of the palm of a hand. UGI ingenuity allowed this small device provide the strength and speed to power this vessel.

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