Banisher Energy HGM
Product information

Taiidan Arms


Heavy Machine Gun

Technical information

4.5 feet

Ammo type

Plasma Energy

Max. Ammo


Magazine size


Weapon Action

Fully Automatic

  • 14.5 Meters free aim
  • 30.2 meters aim

Designed to lay down impressive amounts of suppressive fire. With a rate of fire exceeding any other weapon out there it can unload a magazine in 4.5 seconds if not controlled.


With a bullpup design it was designed for suppressive fire and it took specialized troops to carry such a weapon as its weight at an oustanding 49 pounds for a weapon it is extremely heavy. And when yuo see soldiers carrying like an assault rifle it was demoralizing. The weapon has been known to pierce neutronium and duetronium armoring making Starfleet vessels and armor susceptable to this weapon, it is a weapon that also can keep Rathuras Rathal at bay as when it does fire it actually does give off not only limited amount of radiation but the plasma is super heated and enough firepower will eventually melt his armoring but the hit will put anyone on the ground no matter the wieght as it hits with enough force to dislodge Earth trains this is due to having to fight Manti which on average weigh in at 25000 pounds.


When the second Manti threat occured the Taiidans designed this weapon for their soldiers to use against the manti as they were highly suspectable to the heavy plasma that was being used on it, making the most of this weapon SECFORCE then began to use it while on Police patrols to ensure safety of its citizens. 

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