If the Soregheli choose to attack this planet, well then (he presses a button sending a torpedo which blows up the world and 500 million citizens of the UFP)They will just have to deal without a world to conquer. (as he says this he targets the refugee transports)

Aul Harat is among the most ruthless Taiidan officers during the Soreghelli War. As the captain of his ship the Infamous, he promptly would kill any of his officers for the very slightest mistake. 

UGI Soreghelli WarEdit

His life story has been placed under lock and key and as he spent numerous years merely going up in rank through rite of loss of officer above him. These disappearances followed him wherever he went but no one could prove that he was responsible. 


1.5 trillion, that is number of deaths he is responsible for. Only 2% of that was even Sorghelli. Most of it was the general excution of Uranians, Imperiums, and primitive alien cultures. He is responsible for the destruction of 300 UFP worlds, 200 Uranian military installtions, and 100 imperium worlds. 

One of the terms for the peace accords was the excution of this Monster. The order although promised was never carried out. However, in response to an attempt of Erex Tech's life, Aul Harat was excuted by Erex Malren and Cypher 2 at the same time. 

His entire family was soon discovered afterward to have been murderer not by officals nor the Cypher Division but by Aul Harat himself. Which added to his legacy of his infamous cruelty and bloodlust. 

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