AULTECH Planetary Proton Collider Defense Turret

The AulTech Planetary Proton Collider Defense Turret is among the most widely used planetary defense turrets in the IFP. These turrets were designed to Penitrate Shields and cause a cascade reaction capable of either diabling or completely Annihlating an entire ship. 


The PPCDT was created for defending against any enemies that intend to harm a planets surface or its populance. The turrets although not large are incredibly powerful. Each shot is measured at around 4.98 Yottajoules of power. But this only on Direct Current mode. 

During the Corporate War when taiidan and UGI ships began to attack AulTech installtions The turrets switched to Alternating Current mode. This Bumped up the power per shot over 9000%. These turrets were then capable of being able to Snipe ships of surface with relative ease however due to switching to AC mode Shots per minute were reduced from 60 to 20. 

Standard IssueEdit

Depending upon a planet importance more or less Turrets are added. All the turrets come with their own personal shields. 

Class 1 Planets: Recieve around 1000 turrets.

Class 2 Planets: Recieve around 4000 turrets.

Class 3 Planets: Recieve around 16000 turrets.

Class 4 Planets: Recieve around 32000 turrets.

Class 5 Planets: Recieve around 64,000 turrets.

Special Planets may recieve 1 million +.

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