The Aternam empire is the currently in recorded history a small collection of planets which when invade by a rogue Taiidan warlord, were able to repel the invasion single handedly destroying the crews, learning the language no technology, before journeying to the stars.

While at first considered a Joke the Aternam empire soon reached in military size enough to be considered major threat attempts to peace talk them were successful by the UGI but unsuccessful by the Taiidans.

When the fleets of the Aternam empire reached larger than twice the size of the fleets of the UGI the Taiidans instructed Captain Nikolai Knight to lead a fleet to take out the capital of the Aternam empire.

Going above and beyond the call of duty Captain Nikolai knight unleashed a devastation upon the Aternam empire unseen since the times of the Novan Galaxy, crushing resistance, annihilating their colonies, and blowing a 12000 mile chunk out of their capital planet. before leaving their Galaxy with the Aternam empires sole survivor (the emperor) captain knight deployed a new weapon that what had once been a rumor made real the improved ZR-57, ZR-69 was used to destroy the Aternam Galaxy killing off nearly 390 zillion sentient beings in the name of Taiidan security.

While given a trial for war war crimes claimed by a subordinate who claimed that he did not even feel any remorse for such a mass killing. regardless he was named innocent and the subordinate and his entire family even his friends were shot for betraying Captain Knight.

Captain knight was reward with exceeding the call of duty and putting an end to any threat that could have occurred from the Aternam empire and its Galaxy.

The Taiidan emperor was given the gift of personally killing the Aternam empire's emperor. This won favor for Captain Knight in the eyes of the Taiidan emperor. He was rewarded with nobility of his own house. However it is unlikely that this house will have much of a legacy, as captain knight is not currently a married man.

Aternam Empire: Edit

Because of its destruction the culture of the Aternam empire the people who made it up is now lost to time as the survivor was graphically executed by the Taiidan Emperor. The only know achievement they are remembered for is the being a considerable threat to Taiidan Existence in such a short time.

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