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Ultra Plasma Impact Rifle


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  • Biggest Mass Killer in UGI History
"I hope there is a just God, because this menace deserves to have its soul tortured eternally in the lowest circles of hell."

Armaggedon was an android from an alternate reality was responsible for the Great Taiidan Bloodcaust. Supposedly a taiidan who had been captured by an alternate Rakshi and was forcibly altered beyond recognition and brainwashed into their nihlistic belief.

His legacy is considered to be that so terrible that taiidan children would wake screaming in their sleep at the thought of his name for eons to come.

While he was destroyed by Jordan Archer Kane as all attempts by convention and unconventional means to stop him failed, his legacy makes him a villain such as the UGI would never forget. His name haunted all ears especially Erex Malren's. For he realized this had been an alternate him.

The death toll for the UGI was over 2.5 trillion spanning the empire, he had overriden the controls to every shield generator and every major structure causing a massive antimatter detonations across thousands of star systems.

"You and I are so similar, we know their is no gods, and what more their is no us, time merely made the mistake of inventing life, it is our duty to fix that mistake, by eliminating its byproduct."

He was responsible for single handedly wiping out a 92% of all black codex officers before being crushed psychically by Jordan Archer Kane.

It remained unknown how he came to be in this reality until after the Corporate War when it was revealed Tech Corp had released him three years after Letric Tech's resignation.

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