Argus titan

This is the ship made by the Argon's and named it after thier homeworld Argus Prime. This ship was the protector vessel of the world and had advanced technology on it. Was soon to be known to stand up to the USS Firestorm when a miss fire on the ship happened although outgunned, the crew stood up to the vessel. The vessel fought with distinction and honor and it took Sarci to shut down the vessel when they found out that the AI onboard took control. The vessel not knowing the ship was offline continued firing on it till the USS Judgment arrived from a distress call and opened fire on the Argus. To Rathal's bewilderment the USS Judgment recieved more devastating impacts from the planetary surface until a ceasefire was implemented 2 hours after the ordeal. The Argons would later be annexed into the UGI when the Cybernetic species the Xenon the Argon's major enemy attacked without mercy, and the UGI came to the aid.

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