Argos Maw
The result of the Argos Station's valiant sacrifice when they detonated their entire armory of ZR-57's Antimatter/Redmatter terror weapons that left a black hole that is the size of nearly 25 regions of space due to the amount of redmatter. For every one of the ZR-57's there was 10 pounds of Redmatter inside each weapon the image depicted is a scan from a sensor on the Magnus after they saw on sensors a white static which meant there was a detonation of sorts when they aimed thier sensors towards the White Light they saw in Real Time the station exploding due to the time diliation they saw the Atrox invasion force being nearly destroyed by the detonation of 25 ZR-57's and caused a super blackhole on a scale never before seen, and being fed by nearby stars it fueled this blackhole. But due to it being far outside their reaches they then discovered super Neutron stars outside the galaxy. This would be named the Argos Maw and is the largest black hole created by an weapon of terror.


With the black hole the size of 26 regions and the event horizon is the the size of nearly 14 regions being sucked in and is continally getting larger, getting within 26 lightyears of the Maw you will be destroyed as the pressure and crushing weight will destroy anything nearby.

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