Technical information
Station Type

Ground Based Civilian Starport


32.3 GHZ 1.21 Yottawatt Chomangur Generator

  • 120 anti air turrets (automated) (twin Plasma banks)
  • 2 UGI Star fighters
  • Hanger space capable of Accommodating 420,000 civilian/smuggler craft.
  • UGI's off the books "legal" Shadow Port


"Somebody took my stuff Captain Malren, and I need information as to whom took it and where they took it." Jordan Archer Kane.

"Jordan, I cannot give you access to any files on the matter because I have none, but as much as I despise the UGI for keeping such a port, despite its usefulness, I believe if you want information, you need to go to Aphis." Captain Erex Malren.

Aphis, a name that belongs to the planet of beauty and known to rival Risa. And is infamous for the same reputations. If your going to aphis there is only three reasons as to why. One, its business, two, its that "other business" And three You want relaxation and pleasure.

Unlike Risa however, the World had no sentient species.

History Edit

Colonized in the pre-arrival times back in the Novan Galaxy. Aphis was known well throughout the galaxy as the best place to do shady dealings. However with the arrival to the new universe enforcement became a bit more stronger. Ending its notoriety for shady dealings. However with UGI Looking for alternative sources to balance the budget with the end of Letric Tech's control of AulTech, to rebuild its income the UGI minimized again station enforcement, and its notoriety soon began to reemerge, and to compensate the UGI posted a tax system requirement of 35% on all shady dealings. This was among the first of the corruption events after the arrival.

Notable People Edit

Harry Slim: Noted by the UGI as an arms dealer, and informat, Harry Slim, having served his time set up shop as a barman and is the key resource for underworld dealings between UGI Police and criminal underworld. He has a button in his bar directly connected to inform the UGI on terrorist activity. In return, he is immune to arrest, but is also protected by an agent disguised in the bar.

Charles Goodman: Human from earth and noted Jazz player in Night De'lola Kil. Is an undercover UGI/Starfleet operative on the look out for information to a noted doctor turned villain selling a new addictive drug called splicer, which could alter the DNA of sentient beings to whatever they wanted.

Vincent Corlog: Noted Gorn Saboteur, and Viligate, called in by the UGI post, to eliminate threats that were not terrorist level and return the goods to the HQ, Often used, he refused money for his efforts, marking him a likable character to the UGI despite him coming off as ignorant of superior rank, he views the common goal makes them all equals. He works as a matience worker in the lower levels and is often left to do the least desirable jobs.

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