"This is not a man, nor did he die a man, he would be forever known as a war hero, and a conquerer, he never showed his back to the enemy and he never gave them time to breathe, his sacrifice will never be forgotten, and is why we have built a statue in his honor depicting his death."
―Major General Boris Stalix Alexander Stalix father giving his eulogy on Unitas.
Alexander Stalix
Corporal Stalix
Biographical information







1700 LBS

Cybernetic Implant(s)

Taiidan Nanites


SOLARIS Plasma Rifle

Notable Facts
  • Is one of the few who recieved a Medal of Honor during the Corporate War
Military Information


Military ID


Awards and Honors

Alexander Stalix is a name that would be known to be Captain Jekvin's equal in the Corporate War and died during the final days of the horrific war. He would be known as the last casualtie of the War.


Was known to be quite different from the usual Taiidan, as they were considered stern, and aggressive, he was quite the opposite, he was actually wanting peace, but he wasn't afraid to go to war. He was considered a Vanguard where he would draw enemy fire towards himself while the others would be safe. His best aspect was that he would protect his brethren and the civilians before himself.


Was only 29 when he died, at an extremely young age but he wouldn't be known for much other than his death. While on the planet Tornok he was escorting children through the only path to safety of a UGI dropship, through the battlefields. He saw a sqaudron of IFP Legion Corps soldiers who took aim at the children and acted quickly and drew their fire away from them. He would be known for his heroism of protecting 14 children from a IFP Legion Corps squadron by himself after his squad died trying to rescue them. After killing the enemy soldiers one of the children was injured from being shot he picked up the child and ran to safety the rest had by then already arrived after his 30 minute "debate" as he would call firefights, while running IFP Legion Corps soldiers had arrived to render aid to their fallen brethren and shot Alexander Stalix. By the time he arrived to the safety of the Landing Zone he had recieved nearly 40 wounds from being shot and once the child got over to the LZ he collapsed just before the landing zone after throwing the child over and was killed by a Sniper with a stolen UGI Sniper rifle and ended his life. A Jekvin Coalition saw his death and petioned the UFP to give him a medal of honor and it would take 10 years for him to be awarded post humanously. A Statue was built in front of the UFP's Capital building depicting Stalix escorting 13 children with one over his shoulder, when you look close enough to the children you would see their faces filled with terror and Stalix was a calm deamnor. 

This statue was commerated by his father who paid for the construction and wanted his son to be known for giving the Ultimate sacrifice protecting children, and in his eyes he couldn't be more proud of his son. Who died a UGI Marine and was the only UGI Marine to be awarded a Medal of Honor for partipating in the Corporate War. Children in UFP Schools were taught about him. He actually was friends with Revan Jekvin before Jekvin died.

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