Alec Mcallister

Alec in his Marine BDU

Alec McCallister is the name of the UGI Marine that would give his life in the defense of the Jungle world of Pandis i nthe Bataran Reaches during the Sorghelli War. He would recieve the UGI Medal of Honor for his heroism of staying behind while his fellow marines fell back to aid wounded soldiers and civilians back at the UGI Waystation. 


He was a hard core soldier, you couldn't make him more angry than touching a civie wrong. However he would give his life for people that thought he was a butcher.


UGI Marine Jungle gear
During the battle of Pandis this soldier fought as hard as he could to survive long enough to give his life and when his squad recieved orders to report back to the waystation even with his injury he was terminal bleeding everywhere on his body in his gut he was the epitomy of UGI bravery as he voted himself to be the distraction he would be forever immortalized in the UGI Marine Corps halls of his last known image.  With blood on him he ran out of his cover and charged into combat firing his SOLARIS Plasma Rifle.

This is Corporal Alec McCallister United Galactic Initiative Marine Corps Hoorah!

 He was cut down by a Sorghelli weapons fire. His brothers heard his screams over the radio. Nobody survived the battle of Pandis not even civilians only a few managed to get off world though.

You hit like a b****!

 was his last words after being punched to death by a Sorghelli though bleeding out his death was imminent he screamed and activated a grenade killing 5 Sorghelli with him.

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