AUREC Terror Networks
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AUREC Terror Networks the result of a Division 11 betrayal, but not on purpose.


Division 11 Operative Code name Cipher 11 was on a mission when he was captured, although its highly rare of this as he technically was dead Division 11 promises its members they will extract them in the event they are captured and activate a beacon. But that beacon was never recieved as the Planet's shielding activated it so they couldn't recieve the data burst. Cipher 11 endured torture for 2 and half years after him no one in Division 11 was allowed to be any species other than Taiidan.

After being tortured and he safeguarded the Div11 secrets, he went through hell to protect his brethren but being starved beaten, tortured, and raped by prisoners much stronger than himself, when they released him he wanted vengeance on Div11 more importantly on the UGI for its lies. He built a cell on Taiidan and kidnapped children who were being sent to the Infilitrator school, and would also kidnap children who have graduated from the school put chips in their brain and they became mindless, feelingless weapons of war.


Their history is spotty at best but they are known for the bombing of Carpathia's Spaceport in which 4500 people were killed when an freighter filled with fuel was detonated. 


Preferring to the Taiidans against the UGI their weapons albeit not as powerful but are effective as weapons of terror. They have been known to plant bombs on Embassies and destroy just about anything that had large amounts of civilians. They are quite known for the Bombing of District 12, where 12,000 people died as the result of the Urban Structures being sealed shut and the bomb detonated killing everyone inside.

They tend to use Corvettes in their space conflicts but have shielding as it is their main mode of transport.


With their cell on Taiidan they were brought to the Reality with starfleet and has begun its plans to destroy whatever they can get thier hands on.