The Torpedo Dubbed EAT by AULTech Industries.

"Don't fire at it, turn off your shields, and shut down your ship, it is far better to it with a megaton explosive than to be hit with that torpedo with your shields up." Rathal to Erex Malren, during one of the last three battles of the Corporate War.  

First testEdit

When the UGI declared war on AULTech Industries, AulTech issued a new variety of torpedo that at first appeared to be fired at only warp 1 velocity. During its first test it was used in orbit on a new UGI colony in the Beta Quadrant. Both Rathal and Erex Malren Onboard both of their ship were present in trying to restablize the atomsphere of the Planet but when an AulTech Crusier came out of nowhere it fired a single torpedo and then vanished into space. 

The Judgement fired on the torpedo to stop its approach toward the planet. However the torpedo kept coming closer to the planet. The judgemnt launched red matter torpedo' toward it to stop its approach but when the blackholes where literally absorbed by the torpedo. Rathal attempted to contact the planet and got them to turn on their Planetary shields to protect themselves from the torpedo. But as both ships kept bearing down on the torpedo the torpedo just kept coming closer to the planet. Rathal Steered his ship away to keep it from firing on The judgemnt and the planetary shields but when the torpedo got within a short distance of the shield the sheild note network reported a massive drain on their power as the nodes began shutting down. 

The Torpedo began to descend and Rathal had every transporter lock onto all the avalible population. After beaming over 3000 colonists aboard and the judgement around 500, the torpedo met its target and detonated. The entire planet was blown to literally dust pieces of the planet where not bigger than a couple of centimeters wide and the shockwave blew both of the ships across the solar system. The star body in the system began to go unstable do to the shockwave and detonated a short while later destroying all the remaining planets in the system.


Only 120 known torpedos like this were used after this test, 72 of them detonated as their was little early warning system on which torpedos were of this make. But none of them detonated with the same power as this particular torpedo did. Over 4500 citzens died during this attack and Rathal personally said he was going to tear Letric Techs head off for this ungodly attack. Erex told him that their would be a long line to doing the honor of ripping his head off. Both checked themselves back into UGI space and after inspection and releasement of the surviving colonists. Erex and Rathal both exchange the ideas that they knew of to stop AULTech and their Research head quarters. (see: Maxiusmus Prime)

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