The A.T.I. Assimilator is among the most Sophisticated ship produced by AULTECH Industries

Size MattersEdit

The ship compared to most federation vehicals is only about the size of three shuttle craft. Yet this ship seems to just hum with High Tech Nano Technology. 


Combat the Borg and use there assimilation ability against them. The If an attempt to assimilate vessel or its crew the borg end up losing some of their technology which is then stored in AULTECH's Mainframe for use aginst them. The weapons aboard the ship exist as Nanites. these nanites can construct any weapon and change it within an instant. Unshielded only because the nanites work that fast to repair the vessle there is a safe garde if the vessle is completely destroyed the nanites which have the crews embodied minds will assimilate the Borg ship and make it their own. 

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