453rd "Novac" Battalion
Novac Battalion
General information

Marine Battalion

Unit information
Base of Operations

J-2 Alpha

Unit Colors

Black, White

Military Commander

Colonel O'Desh

Executive Officer

Major Malcom


UGI Marine Corps

The 453rd Novac Battalion is one of the last active Battalions in the entire UGI Marine Corps, and their infamy is due to their butcherous actions. They were known to execute prisoners against the Rules of Engagement. They Novacs were feared by many and feared no one.


Being part of the UGI Marine Corps these are the epitomy of Marine Strength. Many of these soldiers have cybernetic limbs, as they lost their arms, legs, hands and other parts in battle and continued to press on. Their training in black ops meant that victory was to be achieved at all cost. They never backed down from a fight, and they wouldn't ever surrender. They survived the war and refused to stand down. They trained to kill and execute its enemies. They were famed for boarding actions where they took control of a ship and would execute every crewman onboard.


The Unit has an largely unknown history until the Sorghelli War where everyone was a target as they didn't know who was friend or foe. They held the line during the Second Invasion of Carpathia, where they protected civilians from Sorghelli troops for 5 days, showing how well they were trained.

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